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MTG Challenge Day 6; Favourite Creature Type/Tribe

Doing this one quite late in the day again, ‘cause I’m good like that.


If you hadn’t gathered it from my earlier post, I’m quite a fan of the Merfolk. This comes as quite strange to me as, prior to playing Magic, I couldn’t give two hoots about the splashy sea people. Normally I’d expect myself to go more down the route of Cinders or similar such ‘badass’ races. But no, Magic made me like Fairies and Mermaids. I am obviously the most manly man.

In particular I’m a fan of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor blocks’ Merfolk. In Lorwyn, the Merfolk are wondrous trades-people, prospering from their ability to sink under and gather resources the people of the land might otherwise be without. They use underwater secret trade routes to get from place to place, giving them a wide reach for their salesmanship.

However, when darkness falls, and the land of Lorwyn twists into it’s dual-plane Shadowmoor, the Merfolk comes under… quite a change. Secret routes for trade become secret routes for saboutauge and murder. Secret stabby routes if you will. And land or sea, the merfolk will follow you through these stabby routes. And stab you.

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